LARA Bars – How Did I Not Know?


larabarsA couple of months ago, I discovered LARA bars. Rather, I read about them on another bloggy site and then found them in Sam’s Club and thought, “Let’s give these a try.” At Sam’s Club, they had a variety pack of LARA Bars in Apple Pie, Cherry Pie and Cashew Cookie flavors. It was risky. 18 LARA Bars for, oh, I don’t know, 16 bucks? If we didn’t like them, that would have been kind of a waste of money. But alas, they were yummy and the hubs and I both like them, so they get eaten.

But here’s the cool part. I thought LARA bars only came in those flavors. Until….. a few weeks ago when I went to visit the sister in Virginia. I ate my Apple Pie and Cherry Pie bars on the way down, and didn’t have any left to go home with. They are an infinitely healthier snack than say, Three Musketeers Bars, and they do wonders for my sweet tooth, which seems to go into overdrive when I travel.

Before my return to NY trip, which always ends with either a crawly ride or a wild ride on the infamous Belt Parkway (after 7 hours on other roads), the sister took me to the grocery store so I could load up on healthy snacks and a six-pack of water. Wandering down the healthy “meal replacement bar” aisle, there they were. My LARA bars. But not just the ones I knew about. It was a mecca of LARA bars. Kroger’s is a cool supermarket! There were flavors as far as they eye could see! Who knew?

Lemon Zest, Carrot Cake (so yummy!) Peanut Butter Cookie, Chocolate Coconut Chew, many others and CHOCOLATE CHIP BROWNIE! I like lots of the other flavors, but let me tell you, this Chocolate Chip Brownie LARA bar?— made of dates, Fair Trade chocolate chips, almonds, walnuts, cocoa powder and salt (those are all the ingredients)— actually taste like brownies. I don’t know how the LARA people do it (magic fairy dust maybe?) but each bite leaves a chocolatey aftertaste that just does in any other sweet cravings.

When I came back to NY, I went in search of. The spectrum of flavors wasn’t exactly mainstream here in New York yet. I finally had to cave and visit Whole Foods, where there was a wall of LARA bars. Can you hear the angels singing? I don’t shop Whole Foods because  I don’t have a particularly organic family and I get all caught up by the cool products and buy things no one eats. Plus it’s kind of expensive. But for LARA bars, I made the exception, even though they were pricey there.

Last night when I food-shopped in Stop & Shop, however, I went down the healthy bar aisle cause I have to check, and there they were. Flavor upon flavor of LARA bars! Sweet! I bought a bunch as they were four for five bucks. Did I mention these bad boys don’t come cheap?

But, LARA Bars actually do work as a substitute for less healthy sugary snacks in my case, so the extra money? Well worth it! BTW, LARA bars are not necessarily low in calories, fat or sugars. But, they are all natural, and the sugars and fat and calories come from healthy whole foods. I figure if I’m going to have something sweet, it might as well be something with nutrients as well as those other things!

*This is NOT a compensated endorsement for LARA bars, Whole Foods or Stop & Shop, just in case you are wondering. Just my own humble opinion. I pay for my LARA bars.

However, if LARA Bars corporation would like me to, I’d be happy to hold a contest as a giveaway for the sweet treats as I do believe anyone trying to eat healthy should at least give them a try (provided you aren’t allergic to nuts)!


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3 Responses to LARA Bars – How Did I Not Know?

  1. onelittletrigirl on 12/09/2010 at 11:21 am

    You need to get on their website. I was obsessed with these bars for a while and ordered so many! Honestly, I am tired to them now…the dates got to me I think, but I still think they are a great and very healthy product!

  2. elizabeth on 12/09/2010 at 12:03 pm

    I got to go check these out. I have seen them around and it might be a nice change for the dark chocolate I eat…or it may go good with some. :-)

  3. Susan on 12/09/2010 at 7:10 pm

    Commenter Elizabeth is looking for a ‘nice change’ from dark chocolate?
    Girl, you talkin’ crazy!

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